Why I’m Buying the New 3DS Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Bundle

I’ve never owned a PlayStation or Xbox. They don’t offer anything unique that I can’t play on my PC — and I personally feel that a mouse + keyboard are better controls than dual joysticks on a controller for most games. That said, Nintendo has always been innovative and gives a compelling reason to play their games on their consoles. So for me, it’s either PC games or Nintendo games (and occasionally a few iOS games).

My DS Lite is getting a bit old and I’ve been wanting a 3DS for a while now. The 3DS XL has a nice big screen, but Nintendo decided not to increase the resolution (makes it easier on developers, I’m sure). Nintendo released the new 3DS and decided the US will only get the XL version. Unfortunate. Until now!

For the first time, Nintendo is releasing a New 3DS in the smaller size. But the only way to get it (at the moment) is to buy it as a bundle with the Animal Crossing game:



I was a bit disappointed that I if I wanted the New 3DS in the smaller size, I would have to pay extra for a game I didn’t want and it would have to have a puppy on it. Fortunately, I learned that the smaller New 3DS has interchangeable face plates that you can buy! I’d still have to pay a little extra (even more than a New 3DS XL), but I’d get the console I want and be able to customize it.

Higher pixel density display in a smaller package. I’m excited!

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