iPhone 6s 4K Video Bitrate

Warning: very nerdy, technical post. Read at your own risk.

So the Apple Keynote was a few days ago. Among other things, they announced the iPhone 6s. I asked Apple if they would send me a new iPhone to compare the video against my Panasonic GH4, but I never heard back. So I guess I’ll be pre-ordering one this Saturday. I’ll definitely be doing a more complete review (where I shoot my own video) as soon as I get my hands on it.

In the meantime, I was curious what the bitrate of the 4K video is. 4K video is 4 times as large as 1920×1080. But you can’t just increase the resolution, you also need to allow it to record more data so the image quality looks good. I did some research and found this video, straight from the iPhone 6s:

iPhone6s 4K Sample [127 MB]

This video seems to be 3840×2160 (full 4K) H.264 in an .mov file. Premiere is showing it as having 2 dropped frames, but I think it’s reading the keyframes incorrectly. 30 fps, 48000 Hz 16 bit Mono audio. It’s 20.2 seconds long and is 127.38 MB. So at 30 fps, that works out to about 50,800 kbps.

That’s not too bad. The Panasonic GH4 records at 100,000 kbps, so the iPhone 6s is recording at about half of that.

Of course you’re stuck with a tiny lens that you can’t change and a tiny sensor. But for being on a tiny device that does so many other things, it’s really incredible and will definitely be very useful when I shoot vlogs or other personal videos. Maybe even professional ones. We’ll have to wait and see.

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